Java language


What you’ll learn

  • Basic programming with java (Java Architecture, Tokens, Data types, Operators, Conditional and Looping statements)
  • Object oriented programming with java using object oriented concepts
  • Advanced java programming using exception handling, multithreading, file handling and graphical applicaions
  • Array
  • Classes and Objects – Creating Classes and Objects, Constructors, Method overloading, “this” Reference, Garbage Collection
  • Inheritance – Implementing Inheritance, Method overriding, “final” Keyword, Abstract Classes and Methods, Dynamic Binding
  • Language Specific Features – “static” Keyword, Wrapper Classes, Package, Interface
  • Exception Handling
  • Multithreading – Creating Threads, Thread Life Cycle, Priorities, Method Synchronization, Thread Methods
  • GUI Applications with Swing – TextField, Button, Radio Button, Scrollbar, Layout Managers
  • Event handling in GUI Applications
  • Applets
  • Working with Files using Stream


Learn Java programming in easy steps with example demonstrations. The course starts with fundamental concepts of object oriented programming. Then it teaches basic programming in Java followed by object oriented programming concepts. Having learned object oriented programming, It moves ahead to robust programming with exception handling and teaches concurrent programming using multithreading.

Moving to advanced level graphical applications with swing library, event handling, applets and file handling are discussed.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and intermidiary programmers who want to learn Object Oriented Programming